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We make it available for you from The Great Himalayas. It is totally untouched,not at all chemically treated, not R.O. It is clinically approved,It boosts our immunity,Strengthen bones and teeth, Improve Digestion, Mental Alertness, Gives glowing skin etc.GLACIZA have Treasure Nutritious minerals. GLACIZA Natural water is full of minerals which our bodies need.

What is Natural Mineral Water 

Water is an age-old essential which is integral to human life and sustenance. The water intended for drinking must be pure and also have nutritive value. It should be free from pollutants; it should contain the requisite minerals and essential micronutrients. The best form of drinking water is inevitably Natural Mineral Water.

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What Our Client Say

Having an acid reflux problem that led to a throat injury, coughing, and difficulty in eating I started looking for Glaciza drinks with high pH level in India. Thats how I got introduced to Glaciza. Ive been consuming Glaciza since 1 month. Only medication and antacids arent the solution, one also needs to change their diet and eating habits. I’m very happy with the results since I’ve experienced reduced acidity and a lot of relief from the throat injury. On average in consume 1.5 – 2 litres of Glaciza per day. The supply has always been timely. Being satisfied with Glaciza I haven’t tried any of the other brands.

Manish Pandey