Mineral Water Bottle Supplier In Jaipur 

We are one of the best mineral water bottle supplier in Jaipur and gets this pure water from the Great Himalayas. We are proud to say; that it is the only clinically approved mineral water bottles. As the name suggests, natural mineral water consists of all different kinds of nutrients and minerals that are much needed for your body, such as:

What is Natural Mineral Water?

Natural mineral water comes from natural underground reservoirs with mineral springs. Due to this, the number of minerals in this water exceeds that of tap water. As a result, the natural Alkaline water bottle is free from pollutants. Glaciza 750 ml packaged drinking water bottle in jaipur contains a wealth of minerals that are very useful for your body.

The type and quantity of minerals present in the water depend upon where the water is coming from. As we all know, a person should have an intake of 1.5 to 2 litres of water daily to stay fit and healthy, so this should inevitably be natural mineral water only.

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Potassium 2.5 mg/L

Glaciza mineral water bottle contains of potassium, it aids in controlling fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve messages.

Fluoride 0.5 mg/L

Fluoride, which is present in Glaciza mineral water bottle aids in cavity prevention.


Chloride 350a mg/L

Chloride content of Glaciza mineral water bottle maintains the pH and fluid balance in our bodies, helping to control blood pressure.

Magnesium 14.5 mg/L

Glaciza mineral water bottle is rich in magnesium, which is essential for a healthy heart and helps relax muscles.


2 mg/L


157 mg/L


5.6 mg/L


0.4 mg/L

Mineral Water Bottle Supplier

Why Do We Drink 8 Glasses Of Water a Day?

  • For better physical performance.
  • Prevention and relief from constipation issues
  • lowering the risk of kidney stones
  • Burning calories and reducing weight
  • Reducing the duration and intensity of headaches
  • It boosts blood circulation.
  • It helps with glowing skin.
  • It helps in keeping the joints flexible and lubricated.
  • It helps in flushing extra body waste.
  • Prevention of headaches

The Benefits Of Drinking Natural Mineral Water

GLACIZA has a treasure of mineral water suppliers in Jaipur. The natural mineral water we provide is healthy, pure, and full of nutritious mineral elements. All the mineral elements present in this water bottle offer specific health benefits to the people drinking this water.

The scientific community has researched to study the health benefits of drinking natural mineral water. This helped a lot in enhancing the quality of the mineral water. Some of the benefits are:

  • Contribute to a healthy heart.
  • It prevents kidney stones.
  • Relief from constipation
  • Strengthening the bones.
  • It increases the number of nutrients and minerals in your body.
  • Increases metabolism
  • Consuming Glaciza 750 ml Water Bottle in Jaipur helps in eliminating any kind of infection in your body.
  • Reduces the severity of cardiovascular conditions
  • It makes your muscles and veins flexible.
  • It improves dental health.

The Advantages Of Mineral Water For Hair

The mineral water provided by the alkaline water suppliers in Jaipur is miraculous water that has specific benefits for your hair as well. Let’s walk through some of its benefits:

  • It provides a small number of minerals for the hair too.
  • It also helps in moisturizing your hair and scalp too.
  • Prevents dandruff
  • It gives a healthy and shiny look to your hair.
  • Split ends are avoided.
  • Restore hair from any type of damage.

Mineral Water Has Skin Benefits Too! 

The intake of mineral water is also a great benefit for your skin. Follow the list below to know more: 

  • Cleanses the skin from dirt, oil, and pollution.
  • It gives the skin a fresh and relaxing feel.
  • Tighten the open pores on your skin.
  • It slows down the formation of wrinkles on your skin.
  • It gives moisture to your skin and makes it beautiful and smooth.


As we know the benefits mineral water has for our body, we should prefer buying and drinking natural mineral water from dedicated alkaline Water bottle suppliers in Jaipur only. We can fulfil the required amount of water daily and stay hydrated with healthy mineral water. So, choose our nutrient-rich alkaline mineral water bottle and move on to a healthier life!

What Our Client Say

Having an acid reflux problem that led to a throat injury, coughing, and difficulty in eating I started looking for Glaciza drinks with high pH level in India. Thats how I got introduced to Glaciza. Ive been consuming Glaciza since 1 month. Only medication and antacids arent the solution, one also needs to change their diet and eating habits. I’m very happy with the results since I’ve experienced reduced acidity and a lot of relief from the throat injury. On average in consume 1.5 – 2 litres of Glaciza per day. The supply has always been timely. Being satisfied with Glaciza I haven’t tried any of the other brands.

Manish Pandey